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Read here. I wrote this for the Defcon 24 Short Story Contest. Not sure how to describe it but this is what was said about it:

"Dystopian future, where the machines rein supreme? Heck yes!" - SweetGrrl, Defcon Forums

Queercon 13 Contest: Soundcheck

Read here. A write up of how I went about the first of two contests for Queercon 13, my thought process, what I learned from my mistakes after.


Cœur défiant

This project is intended to make all aspects of life easily accessible to view on a single page saving time, any confusion, and make all of the required documents into a single list at the end with total cost. Currently trans folk have to disseminate across multiple sites, be told varying degrees of (incorrect and correct) information, and many are unable to do so. By clearing up the process the project hopes to help trans folk feel assertive and clear up any fears or anxiety they may have.

Until I can afford a new domain I'll be just hosting it under the projects folder on my GitHub pages. If you wish to help please feel free to fork the main GitHub repo. All I'm doing for the live page right now is moving over done work to it from the repo.

Live Page


Electronic Badges

Influenced by Defcon and Queercon badges, creating badges for trans hackers with a fellow trans hacker. We are aiming to make this low cost, have the badges communicate and connect during the conferences, and allow the sharing of contact info. I am the primary person working on the fabrication design of the badge.


Check out Beyond Binaries, a trans hacker group from Queercon/Defcon! We decided making a group was best to communicate easier and have an excuse to badge-ify more.

Goals and Additional Info

Researching: Purpose, shapes, functionality.

Traces: To be done after shape and research of badge designs are done.

Programming: Primarily will be done by the wonderful Emily!

Macaron Canary

A warrant canary project to simplify the topic of National Security Letters (NSL), create a set of varying canaries (e.g. text, image) that providers can use in their transparency reports, and also create an open feed on each provider so immediate changes can be discussed.

Goals and Additional Info

Research: Never ending. Feel like a encyclopedia now.

Basic website: Working on it!

Profiles for each provider: I'm aiming at tackling it kind of like a weird Keybase/Facebook profile mash up! I want folks to be able to "vote up" an alert someone makes if there has been a change in a transparency report, eventually triggering a change in the warrant canary status of that provider.

Basic templates for warrant canaries (text, graphic): This is so new providers can simply add them and tweak them to their own hearts desire.


An app with a "Marco" "Polo" system connecting those requesting help and those seeking to give it, creating a localized web of trust allowing those in the inner web to ask in a non-invasive manner if they are okay/need assistance. A current dilemma is if it accidentally connected an abuser to their victim as it is anonymous. Any suggestions for that I'd love to discuss it!

Goals and Additional Info

Research: I'm basing a lot of this on my experiences being on the streeets but am doing additional research. This one is a work in progress as I wish to ask those with more experience how I can help with domestic violence victims in this regard.

App: Need to start. I am planning on doing this for the Google Play Store primarily because: A.) Android is the most accesssible OS when it comes to cost for the audience I am targeting B.) I am very comfortable with Java.